I’m happy you’re here.

I’m Ivy Blackwater, a poet who writes romantic women’s fiction, lives in her imagination most of the time, and appreciates that you’ve taken a moment to stop by. Sensual, psychological, and fantastical poetry and prose are my jam.

I’m working toward publication because my soul dares to dream and my mind is up for the challenge. Someday, I will share happy news related to that segment of my journey. For now, my words can be found here, on Instagram, and on Twitter.

Are you looking for introspective reading material with a sensual flair? If so, and even if not, I invite you to explore my world.

“Her heart tightens its rhythm as they approach the faded structure. Weathered wood clings to memories long forgotten, a defiance that must have prevented its collapse. When they step through the doorway, the scent of hay fills her with sadness. Their time is ending.”

excerpt from Katrina’s Favorite Dream, a sample of my romantic women’s fiction

The Reflecting Pond

I never intended to be a writer, so it’s been quite a ride since a novel fell into my head. The Reflecting Pond is a blog where I share my experiences and perspectives as a writer.

“drunk on norepinephrine wine labeled Years Your Words Plagued My Mind a vintage of blacks and raving reds sustain dread in my almond-shaped matter”

excerpt from Vintage, a sample of my poetry

What readers say…

“Emotional and honest ride in your words dear Ivy. Outstanding verbal and written poetry.” – comment left by a reader of Denial.

“Ivy- I’ve read this 5 times today. You captured the aftermath of childhood trauma so perfectly. Thank you!” – comment left by a reader of Vintage.