Hello! I’m Ivy Blackwater, and this is my latest write…

Autumn haze surrounds me.

Grasses blow in a breeze I cannot feel, their seedheads nodding as if in favor of my presence; tall and unruly, they tickle my hands as I walk a dirt path toward an unknown destination.

All is quiet as I amble through open fields punctuated here and there by massive oaks. Warm and woodsy country air fills my lungs, empowering me with the strength only nature can provide.

Now Aaron’s presence makes itself known. His warmth is close and my heart squeezes with longing.

He’s walking next to me.

I attempt to take his hand in mine, but my arm won’t obey. As usual, I cannot touch him. But I see his strong profile as he watches the path. Our path. And I feel his energy, his gentle confidence, accompany my every step.

A strength unlike any other blossoms inside me.

In this moment, Aaron Keller is mine. My partner. A life force meant for me.

As we walk, a powerful, heady drive consumes me. I will conquer everything: The darkest of moments. The wildest of dreams. The fiercest of passions.

Heart full and head light, I believe in the impossible. A world of wonder and hope and happiness fills me. I revel in the exquisite buoyancy of childlike belief as we walk these grassy fields.

Then our destination becomes clear.

My heart tightens its rhythm as we approach the faded structure. Weathered wood clings to memories long forgotten, a defiance that must have prevented its collapse. When we step through the doorway, the scent of hay fills me with sadness. Our time is ending.

My throat constricts when his eyes meet mine. Beautiful and blue. Intimate and whole. Full of power and peace.

His gaze holds me…into our goodbye.