Dream One (Inception)

My hands rest on the worn wooden rail of the bridge.

And I feel him next to me.

I close my eyes to focus on his warmth.

My heart swells. It’s been so long since I’ve felt this. So many years.

Yearning fills my emptiness.

I tremble with need, so I command my arm to reach for him. To touch. But my hand remains on the rail against my will.

I can’t move.

My throat is tight, locked, preventing speech. My heart thumps as I battle my muscles. In vain. I can’t turn to find his eyes or hug him. I can’t tell him I’ve missed him or do anything but be aware he’s next to me. And I’m frozen.

Tears find their way down my cheeks.

And I feel it.

He knows.

His warmth leaves my side and places itself behind me, enveloping my back…neck…arms…hands. Long-known protective warmth.

And all I can do is feel.

Strong hands rest next to mine on the worn wooden rail. Aaron’s hands. Just a sliver away. One on each side.

His body grazes mine, teasing me. I’d give anything to lose myself in his chest.

But I can’t move.

And I don’t know why he’s here.

I don’t know how we ended up in this place.

I don’t know where this place is.

But I know one thing for certain.

I long to stay like this. Forever.


This post is part of a series under the category Prelude To My Novel.

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