“I know you want to play, my dear. Your pulse betrays your lie.”

Damn it. Of course. She can hear my heartbeat. I stare at the fire in an effort to maintain my resolve. Yes, focused on the fire I’ll remain until the urge passes. Just don’t look at her.

She slides closer, forcing me to wedge myself against the armrest of the couch in an effort to keep some distance. But it’s no use. The proximity gives me the erection I’ve been trying to keep at bay. Shit. My heart picks up its maddening pace. She always gets what she wants, doesn’t she? Well not this time. I’ve got to end this for good. She’s not even alive, for Christ’s sake. Just don’t look at her.

“Yes, Jason.”

Her whisper on my ear makes my erection fight against its prison, but I don’t dare adjust myself.

“I hear your pulse alive and well beneath your skin. May I draw your blood to my tongue through this veil of flesh above your collarbone?”

Damn. She knows I fucking want it. I want it more than anything, which is why I must keep distance. I wrench myself from the couch and rush to the fireplace where I place both hands on the mantle to steady myself. The fire. Maintain focus on the fire, damn it, because that’s where I’ll burn if I let this go on any longer. I’ll burn in the fires of hell.

Her chuckle doesn’t help my cause. No. It excites me, as always, the fucking tease. So I grasp the mantle tighter to prevent myself from turning around to look at the little witch. Or vampire, apparently. Christ, did I actually say that? This is so fucked up.

“I make you hot, don’t I?”

Her hand slides up my spine, applying perfect pressure, stimulating the arousal that is determined to conquer my anxiety.

“You burn for me. Don’t you, Jason? You burn right now.”

Her hand slides down and around to my pelvis where she fingers the flesh beneath my waistband, taking care to avoid my cock, teasing me in the cruelest, most fantastic way. Fuck. Erection screaming, I relinquish the mantle and take one giant step to the side to put some distance between us.

And she advances.

So I take a step back, careful to keep my gaze out of line of her emerald eyes. And then another step and another until my back hits the wall.

“Tiny beads of sweat. Everywhere, Jason. But why?”

Plump breasts press into my chest while her finger makes a slow trek along my hairline from crown to ear to neck, heightening my arousal as only she can. My heart races as I refrain from touching this beautiful creature I call my fiancée.

“Surely you aren’t afraid of me.”

Her finger strokes my collarbone, back and forth, directing my cock to keep time with her rhythm as it begs for release.

“I promise I won’t bite you.”

Her lips, full and wet, brush mine as a hint of sandalwood perfumes the air between us. Magical, really. The little…vampire.

She takes a step backward and drops her robe to the floor. “Please play?”

Fuck, fuck, fuck. I’ve got to choose. Run away forever.


Dive into this naked immortal goddess and fuck her like it’s my last day.

My heart drums the answer I fear.

The answer she wants to hear.

I dive.



This story placed first in an online writing challenge: You just found out that your partner is a vampire. How do you react and how do you live with it? -Ivy

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