I shove sweaty covers aside and sit, my breath quick from the encounter.

Gotta love a wet dream.

Vision still alive in my imagination, I savor his eyes. I’d forgotten the allure; gentle and protective with long lashes begging for intimacy. Oh yes. Butterflies twirl and flip inside as they had years ago when fantasies of Aaron Keller were my favorite occupation.

Shit. Fantasies of a man I can’t have are the last thing I need right now. But…

That sexy five o’clock shadow. Sensations of his barely-there lips haunt my neck in the most delicious way, sending a rush of blood to my favorite place. Pleasure pulses through me.

This is ridiculous. There’s no reason to be thinking about Aaron Keller. He’s a closed book collecting dust on a shelf. But if I could have my way, I’d pull the book, dust it off, and dive in.

I give my long hair a tug. Stop it. He’s married. I can’t go there. Ever.

But what if…

Maybe we’d…

Jake groans, letting me know his morning stretch is imminent, so I slide out of bed and steal over to the sheer curtains where morning sun penetrates the weave to caress my nakedness. I smile as I tug them aside. A sexy dream of Aaron is the perfect way to start a beautiful day. Dreams of Stevens are nothing compared—

That’s it.

Stevens. The man who had potential. It was around this time last year I’d caught him in the act. My heart sinks. He must be the trigger.


Well…I’ll take any dreams of Aaron I can get.

After all, he might have loved me if I’d…

Refusing to let sorrow for lost chances dampen this glorious morning, I head into my closet and get ready for a run with the only male besides Aaron who’s never let me down.

Jake trots alongside as I head downstairs and out into crisp country air.


This post is part of a series under the category Prelude To My Novel.

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