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Poem: Masquerade


ebony stars in a sable sky

wet my weary eyes

i long for you

my crimson dove

to brighten my world again


before you all was blues and greens

violet petals and sun

but since we met

my turncoat heart

bleeds black when you are gone


continue, wretched masquerade

char me through the wait

secret hearts

lovers’ arts

a path of glass we tread


torrid, our sequestered love

clawing at my soul

senseless fears

bleeding tears

till tender lips console


i long to rip the veil, proclaim!

true hearts for all to see

two souls shine

ending repine

masquerade fading…to memory



This poem placed first in an online writing challenge: Masquerade.

© 2018 – 2019, Ivy Blackwater. All rights reserved.

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