Winter Wait

Poem: Winter Wait


My roses bleed deep crimson petals

   They tumble o’er pine needle trails

   Where once our souls bathed in caresses

   Of summer-kissed breeze in the vale


My heathers bloom black lilac songs

   They wash over rocks in the stream

   Where skipping stones smiled for the taking

   In autumnal shadow moonbeams


My snowdrops loose ivory tears

   They quench roots for oak canopies

   Where my soul awaits the fair red-breast on wing

   In loathsome blue winter-frost breeze


My heart pulses nectar of plum

   It nourishes spaces between

   To fuel my soul weary with want for your light

   Till your sweet spring iris perceive



Thank you for reading. Feel free to comment. Until next time, be well and happy. – Ivy

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