Dream Four

Aaron has me enclosed against a car door, his body so close to mine we dance on the edge of full contact. Everything is hot and naked.

Aware I’m dreaming, I command my arms to embrace him, but they won’t. I’m helpless. I can neither pull myself into him nor look anywhere but at his lips; parted and wet, they implore me to taste and let him savor me. If only we could. Fate is determined to drive me crazy by stirring the fire of frustration that’s been growing inside me these past few months.

Cravings pulse through my veins, impelling me to do naughty things to this beautiful man. Oh, how I yearn to meld our carnal impulses. We’re poised for a kiss but don’t. Inability to move is now a sensation of resistance. A delicious restraint. An insanity that vibrates through me. Every bit of him is pulling me toward an ecstasy designed for us. An erotic burn. Slow and intoxicating. Oh yes. I’ll wait like this forever and die in our exquisite flame.


This post is part of a series under the category Prelude To My Novel.

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