Serene Inspiration

Poem: Serene Inspiration


quiet coloration soothes my soul

lavender, orchid, wild indigo

lilac inspires my cyclamen dreams

moonflower comforts my soulful sweet pea

honesty sings

wisteria perfumes

anemone rouses my slumbering blooms



I created this when someone asked me to write a poem about my favorite color and explain why it’s my favorite. Using flowers as my inspiration and creativity as my theme, I had fun writing my reply during a long car ride to an amusement park. It’s summer and I love blooms, so I wanted to share my little bit of fun with you!

What is your favorite color?

2 thoughts on “Serene Inspiration

  1. Inspired by the serene of the scene that you painted
    It would seem most obscene not to do the same for thee


    what better a midsummer night’s dream
    than one in evergreen
    shamrock, lime, chartreuse
    and hint of mint
    to set the mood
    forest fruits and parakeets
    are commonplace in seafoam dreams
    where the owl and the pussycat went to sea
    in a sweet pea dressed up as a boat



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