The Call

Poem: The Call


Summer breeze and roses fading, autumn chill my heart pervading

When the call to see your fading light punctures my hopeful soul—

   To your doorstep long untrodden, footfalls ne’er to be forgotten

Carry me to see your fading light before you breathe no more.


Curse my mind for loving vainly; in my hand I take yours plainly—

Simple was my love for things of little matter now abhorred.

   Weak and scattered is your mind, but in your eyes I long to find

The beauty—no—the love my daughter held for me in years before.


   Empty are your angel eyes—blind to my playboy disguise,

The one I’ve tossed aside to see my precious girl too long ignored.

   Chest now aching from the beating of a heart aware of fleeting

Moments till your blood will pulse within this angry world no more.


   “Damn my life, my selfish choices! Take my flesh!” My throat devoices—

Rip my heart to give her life again! Please let her live once more!

   No. Too late for prayers and pleading—Wicked were my days, now seething.

Loathe remembrance of lost time with one who’ll love me nevermore.



This poem was inspired by an online writing challenge that I entered in early autumn of 2018: Homage. Choose a writer you admire. Write something in the style of that writer, or something that takes place in a world they created. Include the author’s name at the beginning or end of your piece so we know who the homage is to.

The Call was a quick write–just a bit of fun for me–so I was extremely happy to learn that it became an editor’s pick out of 55 entries and also placed 2nd in total number of likes by the readership.

Edgar Allan Poe became my favorite writer when I was around 11 years old. I disliked reading as a child, but Poe’s words drew me in. His rhythm, rhyme, and dark content captivated me. He helped me become a reader. Such a beautiful thing.

Again, thank you for spending some time with my words.

I wish you a fantastic September 1st and beyond. Be well. Be happy. Be you! -Ivy

4 thoughts on “The Call

    1. I was so nervous to share The Call back when I posted it. I felt it wasn’t good enough, but I loved it. I decided to post it *because* I loved it. Your comment here is high praise. Thank you, Richard, for believing in this poem and me. ❤


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