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Slip away, my love.

Slide through the cracks in my heart.

Sneak into the night.

Leave me thoroughly to gift my mind serene oblivion.



I adore you, my love.

I cherish every word breathed into breezes of possibility.

Your everything is my joy, but our path is diverging and my trail is too narrow to keep you by my side.


I’m afraid, my love.

Oblivion may evade me.

Unsure of my strength, I beg you to slip away.



I must walk this path alone.

If you weep in my absence, place your tears in a jar of fireflies to light my way toward I don’t know where.


My heart is broken, my love.

Slide through the cracks.

Please go.


Leave me.


And if my journey returns me to you, I will open your gift to me—

fire and rain and everything in between

—and know that I am home.



© 2019, Ivy Blackwater. All rights reserved.


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