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Announcing Twin Flame Fusions

I am extremely excited to announce something I hold deep within my heart. It is a precious thing that I neither expected nor wished for. It came to me all on its own.

If you’ve read my About page, you know that the creative within me had been locked away for many years while the scientist within me prevailed. During those decades of creative inhibition, my happiness and internal peace were limited. Thankfully, in 2013, my creative soul burst out of her cage. Since then, she’s worked her magic to help me maintain balance between my scientific and artistic selves. During this time, I have written, rewritten (more than once), and heavily edited my first novel. I’ve also outlined two more novels and have been writing poetry again. I’ve been enjoying life as a scientist and a creative—in balance. 

Beneath my awareness, however, my creative soul had been working her magic in another way. She’d been searching for something–for six long years–and, in 2019, she connected with her goal: Richard Charles Stevens, the creative playmate (my imagination friend) that I’d always wished for as a child but never hoped to find. 

I first read Richard’s words when he commented on one of my tweets in June of 2019. His comment was so kind that I took a moment to visit his website. I visit websites of many friendly souls who interact with me in a positive way; therefore, such a visit was not unusual for me. What was unusual, however, was that his website instantly felt like part of me. His words. I fell in completely and told myself how fortunate I was to have found the online home of a unique and prolific poet. 

As our friendship developed over the course of several months, a deeper connection became undeniable. This connection, which, to me, was obvious, whole, and pure, led me to propose something fun. I asked Richard if he’d like to write a poem together and was thrilled when he enthusiastically accepted my proposal. 

Our words blended well—so much so, it became impossible for my most critical and thorough beta reader (my best friend of 30 years) to identify which words were mine and which words were Richard’s. Thus, our first (intentional) collaborative poem, Firstborn, indicated to us that our collaborative work was not simply collaboration—it was fusion. 

This brings me to my announcement: Twin Flame Fusions, a new page here on ivyblackwater.com, is home to our collection of fused art. (Richard’s website has the same page. They are twins.)

Richard and I believe that love is everywhere. Love gives without expectation, obligation, want, or need. Love is a safe place where positivity and support flourish. Twin Flame Fusions is home to our art, our love. Here, we create fantastical realities within the world-wise framework of our adult creative minds.  We play like children and love like children while exploring our mutual understandings of life challenges as adults. We work to promote love, magic, and freedom. Most importantly, we invite you to escape your reality and join us on our fantastical journey as we float on our sea of dreams in a “sweet pea dressed up as a boat”. I’m excited to see where our little vessel takes us. 

I’m proud to note that “…sweet pea dressed up as a boat” is a line from Richard’s contribution to our first (unintentional) fusion, which happens to be posted in the comments of my poem Serene Inspiration. The significance of Serene Inspiration is explained within Richard’s post, Announcing Twin Flame Fusions, on riversofgrue.com.

I appreciate your time and support. I love sharing my words with you, and I am always extremely happy when even one person in this grand world likes something I’ve written. As always, thank you for reading. 

For more information, please visit my Twin Flame Fusions page or  Richard’s Twin Flame Fusions page.

I wish you a wonderful tonight and tomorrow. 

Be you. Be happy. Be love!


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