Child of Scorn

Listen to Ivy read Child of Scorn


Fate forewarns
mouthpiece of vitriol
bespeaks bile and thorn infinitesimal

For I shall hold in darkness
one bind deemed medicinal
seething to see yield decreased

Watcher inside
frightened mind
rage against the plight!
for I shall hold in darkness
slice through the blackened night

Destruction amid
oppression, deceit
bile and thorn my bison horn

Precious few see me weep
for I shall hold in darkness
bitter tears within my keep

Blood boils veins
thickens rage
bile and thorn a feast!
for I shall hold in darkness
pain betroths the unyielding beast

Catch fireflies, bid no release
unless bled by swollen decree
an enduring will feeds my unseen

I shall hold in darkness

My blighted bones of frightened fawn
this child of scorn
this child unborn
of reason to deceive

Churn blackened floods
force the tide
deliver bile and thorn!
for I shall hold in darkness
livid strength, a child of scorn


Child of Scorn is a Twin Flame Fusion  composed by:

Ivy Blackwater


Richard Charles Stevens

Click here to listen to Richard’s reading of Child of Scorn at


© Copyright: Ivy Blackwater™ Richard Charles Stevens™

Banner design by Andy Van Scoyoc – The Lamentation Project



4 thoughts on “Child of Scorn

  1. Ivy and Richard- what a powerful piece! Just my musing here- I love that it was written by a man and woman. I had a visceral reaction reading it the first time. I felt the pain of loss but also the sense of anger for something growing unbidden inside one’s self. When I saw it was a collaboration, that somehow changed my perception from a dynamic of two energies to three. I love the phrase child of scorn which can of course be seen literally, but also figuratively. There are so many “children of scorn” born in relationships. Well done!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you, Catherine. Your comment indicates that we succeeded in our creative endeavor. Knowing such is a wonderful thing! I deeply appreciate your comments. *hug* Thank you for spending some time with my/our words. Have a beautiful day. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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