Listen to Ivy read Denial


I used to fly

but my wing just broke.

My spirit is laden with tears.

Neither age nor injury did this to me.

The foe lurks inside of me



I go to the wise ones.

I go to a priest.

They poke

and they prompt

and he prays.

But no one

save I

can tame the vile beast.


floundering aground I remain.


Please no!

My will cries.

I’m longing to fly

and turn circles round treetops

and clouds.

But as long as my head says I can’t

then I won’t

and I’ll die in my cage of denial.


6 thoughts on “Denial

  1. Ivy – As usual, my hear your poems with my heart. This makes me think of those ways we hold ourselves back, not from some barrier in the present moment, but because we cannot let go of a past we cannot change and we cannot seems to wait for a future that is not yet. Beautiful piece!

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    1. Yes, Catherine. Negative self-talk tends to be rooted in negative life experiences – the past. We must be strong to overcome that negativity. It can be quite difficult to do so. ❤ I'm glad you enjoyed this piece!

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