Listen to Ivy read Pure


nocturnal blooms scent my soul rich and red

well into tears by our honesty fed

alive in a place unaware of my head

wisdom to know not a puppeteer’s thread



heart hold resisting celestial tide

release dismal currents of ways gone awry

neither of mind nor of blue-button eyes

it bubbles inside where my heaven resides



care-me-not rules of a fool’s earthbound play

a child’s hand holds treasures that light a bright day

it fills me and thrills me—simplicities sway

as we dance on our way toward united foray



lifetimes of you with eternity me

let us soar through great cloudscapes of soul fantasies

our wings deep inside know the way to the sea



float in a heart full of limits set free


that which is pure not possession contains

never asks soul flight to pull back its reins

liberation is peace—all it seeks, free of pain

whispering silence—a future sustained


Click the image below to read / listen to Pure’s sister poem by Richard Charles Stevens.

4 thoughts on “Pure

    1. Oh, Sharon, your compliment is precious to me. I love what I write, but I sometimes have trouble believing in my writing. I’m not sure if that makes any sense, but it is how I feel at times. Thank you so so much for taking time to read and comment. ❤ (hugs)

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