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Listen to Ivy read My Green   I would speak of the breeze but rules whisper against such obvious observations in a March garden bed where blooms a love that is against the rules too . Beneath our tree (which should never be described for fear of being as sorry as ones who hold hope […]

Listen to Ivy read Denial   I used to fly but my wing just broke. My spirit is laden with tears. Neither age nor injury did this to me. The foe lurks inside of me hidden.   I go to the wise ones. I go to a priest. They poke and they prompt and he […]

Listen to Ivy read Child of Scorn   Fate forewarns mouthpiece of vitriol bespeaks bile and thorn infinitesimal For I shall hold in darkness one bind deemed medicinal seething to see yield decreased Watcher inside frightened mind rage against the plight! for I shall hold in darkness slice through the blackened night Destruction amid oppression, […]

Listen to Ivy read do.   stay shadow play shadow impart your flame shadow dance through shallow veins please command them as you reign shadow show mastery of arteries that bleed your fine name shadow stay shadow play shadow do . my heart is a room with luminary view to harvest moon awash with ablutionary […]

Listen to Ivy read My Valentine Blue   I caress pages of My Valentine Blue beneath the gaze of a February moon at midnight. Alone by the stream where we used to collect summertime pebbles, I pull my coat tighter to preserve remnants of my warmth. Snow is falling on the water, which is losing […]

Listen to Ivy read Free   I stand alone and naked on the roadside while strangers rush by in cars blinded by busy lives and little time. I wait for you to come. Alone is taunting me. She wants me to spend my tears on your sometime sensibility, which isn’t worth a sad cent. I […]