Listen to Ivy read Denial   I used to fly but my wing just broke. My spirit is laden with tears. Neither age nor injury did this to me. The foe lurks inside of me hidden.   I go to the wise ones. I go to a priest. They poke and they prompt and he […]

Millions of unspoken things clung to her lungs, begging for release, but she held her breath to silence them. As she lay in the thick air of a 3 AM bedroom, the tacky black in control of her chest prevented her from breathing with ease—prevented sleep—while millions of unspoken things wormed through her head…under her […]

Poem: Rain *** as her rain falls daring dreams slip & swirl into rivers of lost chances where segregated bits of a fearful self box away happy hopes & surreal sensibilities until she’s gone … never to return until enlightenment dries every tearful token of regret & makes her whole again *** *** If you’re still […]