Poem: This Life *** This life I live is now my own. Past currents float my starlight soul toward a future ever calling me home. I fear not end of my borrowed time. Call it understanding. Call it crazy. Call it fulfillment. This life I live is now my own because I see in dreams […]

Poem: The Space Between *** I miss you in the space between my heartbeats fed by yesterday’s love My hopes of you take flight in dreams as lonely as a crimson dove . Awaken not a sleeping wish as honesty swims in eventide A long-known soul, a timeline miss a promise bled where chances bide […]

Poem: Serene Inspiration *** quiet coloration soothes my soul lavender, orchid, wild indigo lilac inspires my cyclamen dreams moonflower comforts my soulful sweet pea honesty sings wisteria perfumes anemone rouses my slumbering blooms *** *** I created this when someone asked me to write a poem about my favorite color and explain why it’s my […]

Poem: Rain *** as her rain falls daring dreams slip & swirl into rivers of lost chances where segregated bits of a fearful self box away happy hopes & surreal sensibilities until she’s gone … never to return until enlightenment dries every tearful token of regret & makes her whole again *** *** If you’re still […]

Poem: For Love of You *** For love of you, I embrace my tears Unwilling dead to give life its start In a world gone dark by senseless fears . Waters turbulent, emotion sheers Flight! Away my biased dreams do dart For love of you, I embrace my tears . Disquiet trembles toward unknown years […]

Autumn haze surrounds her. Grasses blow in a breeze she cannot feel, their seedheads nodding as if in favor of her presence; tall and unruly, they tickle her hands as she walks a dirt path toward an unknown destination. All is quiet as she ambles through open fields punctuated here and there by massive oaks. […]

“They’re flowers, not fish.” Marina took the hose, turned off the valve, and then dropped it on the lawn. “You need to tell me what’s up, Katrina, because in the past thirty minutes, I’ve witnessed you overfill Jake’s water dish, trip over your shovel, and drown your impatiens.” “They’ll be fine.” Heart beating fast over […]

Aaron has her enclosed against a car door, his body so close to hers they dance on the edge of full contact. Everything is hot and naked. Aware she’s dreaming, she commands her arms to embrace him, but they won’t. She’s helpless. She can neither pull herself into him nor look anywhere but at his […]

[MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY] *** Her feet nestle in sand along the great lake’s edge where waves curl and flip, licking her ankles. Water begs her sweltering body to dive in, but she doesn’t want to cool off. Not yet. Sunlight forces her gaze to seek shade. Given there are neither trees nor umbrellas nearby, she […]

She shoved sweaty covers aside and sat, her breath quick from the encounter. Vision still alive in her imagination, she savored his eyes. She’d forgotten the allure; gentle and protective with long lashes begging for intimacy. Oh yes. Butterflies twirled and flipped inside as they had years ago when fantasies of Aaron Keller were her […]