Listen to Ivy read Passageway   the path was long it wound around felt some way lost some way from found despair betossed on dangerous ground appeared to be alone   upon the path weary i grew proceeded not as winter blew winds were colder  struck me blind as splinters stabbed inside my mind  amid […]

Listen to Ivy read Vintage   drunk on norepinephrine wine labeled Years Your Words Plagued My Mind a vintage of blacks and raving reds sustain dread in my almond-shaped matter whisper whisper hidey-hide the child inside plays panic games of save the day or run away while i grope for my determination aged two score […]

Listen to Ivy read Whispers Poem: Whispers *** sweet words kiss my breast cadences catch my breath whispers only I know swelling my heart . anticipated whispers only I feel dragonfly wishes beat inside flutters catch my breath filling my heart . adored whispers only I love sensual intoxication reveals me reciprocations catch my breath […]

Poem: This Life *** This life I live is now my own. Past currents float my starlight soul toward a future ever calling me home. I fear not end of my borrowed time. Call it understanding. Call it crazy. Call it fulfillment. This life I live is now my own because I see in dreams […]

Poem: Rain *** as her rain falls daring dreams slip & swirl into rivers of lost chances where segregated bits of a fearful self box away happy hopes & surreal sensibilities until she’s gone … never to return until enlightenment dries every tearful token of regret & makes her whole again *** *** If you’re still […]

Poem: For Love of You *** For love of you, I embrace my tears Unwilling dead to give life its start In a world gone dark by senseless fears . Waters turbulent, emotion sheers Flight! Away my biased dreams do dart For love of you, I embrace my tears . Disquiet trembles toward unknown years […]

“They’re flowers, not fish.” Marina took the hose, turned off the valve, and then dropped it on the lawn. “You need to tell me what’s up, Katrina, because in the past thirty minutes, I’ve witnessed you overfill Jake’s water dish, trip over your shovel, and drown your impatiens.” “They’ll be fine.” Heart beating fast over […]

Poem: Indifference *** keen blade poised bosom heaving cut the bastard out! . keen blade poised children screaming cut the bastard out! . keen blade poised nightmare living cut the bastard out! . keen blade poised hand is shaking cut the bastard out! . poison is as poison does livid in my veins he’s pulled […]

Poem: Masquerade *** ebony stars in a sable sky wet my weary eyes i long for you my crimson dove to brighten my world again . before you all was blues and greens violet petals and sun but since we met my turncoat heart bleeds black when you are gone . continue, wretched masquerade char […]