Listen to Ivy read Birdsong   . voices of ten hundred or thirty three flow into me as i sit in sunbeams on an april afternoon where i am alone but thankful you’re with me because you live far away yet kiss songs for me to feel on my cheek . to hear in my heart . […]

Listen to Ivy read Whispers Poem: Whispers *** sweet words kiss my breast cadences catch my breath whispers only I know swelling my heart . anticipated whispers only I feel dragonfly wishes beat inside flutters catch my breath filling my heart . adored whispers only I love sensual intoxication reveals me reciprocations catch my breath […]

Poem: The Space Between *** I miss you in the space between my heartbeats fed by yesterday’s love My hopes of you take flight in dreams as lonely as a crimson dove . Awaken not a sleeping wish as honesty swims in eventide A long-known soul, a timeline miss a promise bled where chances bide […]

Poem: Rain *** as her rain falls daring dreams slip & swirl into rivers of lost chances where segregated bits of a fearful self box away happy hopes & surreal sensibilities until she’s gone … never to return until enlightenment dries every tearful token of regret & makes her whole again *** *** If you’re still […]