Listen to Ivy read Reciprocal Bloom   the blossom doesn’t beg the bee to love it full attentively wise to its prize dons no disguise imperfect it still blooms   such is my need on darker days to love our love whose wants are brave protect respect while fueling fire beneath a sacred moon   […]

Listen to Ivy read Pure   nocturnal blooms scent my soul rich and red well into tears by our honesty fed alive in a place unaware of my head wisdom to know not a puppeteer’s thread does a heart hold resisting celestial tide release dismal currents of ways gone awry neither of mind nor of […]

Listen to Ivy read The Moment I Knew   the moment I knew, silence grew youthful wisdom plucked from broken wings part of me flickered inside you   you stood amid love he withdrew duty was your scepter, childhood king the moment I knew, silence grew   you worshipped without pious pew where ivy crept […]

Listen to Ivy read Boundless   no boundaries only clear skies profoundly at ease when i rise no spies on the bridge as i scale heartbreak ridge and make sweet every peak that i climb to the one who is safe to the one who is mine to the one who makes sweet every peak […]

Listen to Ivy read do.   stay shadow play shadow impart your flame shadow dance through shallow veins please command them as you reign shadow show mastery of arteries that bleed your fine name shadow stay shadow play shadow do . my heart is a room with luminary view to harvest moon awash with ablutionary […]

Listen to Ivy read My Valentine Blue   I caress pages of My Valentine Blue beneath the gaze of a February moon at midnight. Alone by the stream where we used to collect summertime pebbles, I pull my coat tighter to preserve remnants of my warmth. Snow is falling on the water, which is losing […]

Listen to Ivy read Our Truth   i’ve fallen in love a million times with you i’ve seen through lover’s lines on pages aged as autumnal leaves blown though a wish book of memories opened when june blossoms tugged your mind on grandest brambles of humble kind held wisdom words encouragement bold to write a new love in stories told through whispers bottled […]

Listen to Ivy read My January Dream   my January eyes love a January sky where January birds wing a January sigh for my January hopes of a January scene bright with January snow from my January dream laced with January sun on my January skin while your January heart feeds my January grin for […]

Listen to Ivy read Inside the Quill   I just read the moment I fell in love with you It was written in substance of ages past Using quill of crimson On parchment Inside My heartbeats Destiny placed me Inside The girl who picked a flower From a puddle and tucked it Inside Her deep […]