Listen to Ivy read My Wild Artist Brave Poem: My Wild Artist Brave *** feel me through artist eyes your elixir soothes my weary heart as a blossom curls around another to birth undeniable art . feel me through soulful hands my arousal licks fire inside where wishes play dark and delectable games with a spirit […]

Listen to Ivy read Slipstream Poem: Slipstream *** I’m weary from missing you in the slipstream following beautiful moments gone awry in my heart   cricket songs scratch the drums   blood of the heart song spills into yesterday reassurances they flow down the drain with sludge from the storm   cricket songs scratch the […]

Poem: destined *** blessed i took a stepping stone toward addiction wrapped in  words of ages scattered among centuries painted onto skies that drip into sea foam hopes washed up from depths of improbable possibilities to bloom into harmonious reality like rose petals scraped against sandpaper memories to scent sweet dew glistening on blades of […]

Listen to Ivy read Whispers Poem: Whispers *** sweet words kiss my breast cadences catch my breath whispers only I know swelling my heart . anticipated whispers only I feel dragonfly wishes beat inside flutters catch my breath filling my heart . adored whispers only I love sensual intoxication reveals me reciprocations catch my breath […]

Poem: This Life *** This life I live is now my own. Past currents float my starlight soul toward a future ever calling me home. I fear not end of my borrowed time. Call it understanding. Call it crazy. Call it fulfillment. This life I live is now my own because I see in dreams […]

Poem: Until *** Love me like October linger like an evening chill dancing among morning rays until I’m warm and shining like summer’s star until autumn breezes blow us to a destination of secrets . Love me brave and beautiful endure like the first snowdrop peeking through winter’s blanket until I trust yesterday’s sorrows nurture […]

Poem: Regret *** Your deathday amplifies emotions vile. Forgiveness evades my heart bleeding in wait As I tremble beside your grave awhile. . Broken wings whisper of yesterday trials. Regret thrives, sorrowful ideas to sate. Your deathday amplifies emotions vile. . Unjustified misstep of blood defiled. Erase protective errors—our fear-fed hate— As I tremble beside […]

Poem: The Space Between *** I miss you in the space between my heartbeats fed by yesterday’s love My hopes of you take flight in dreams as lonely as a crimson dove . Awaken not a sleeping wish as honesty swims in eventide A long-known soul, a timeline miss a promise bled where chances bide […]

Poem: Serene Inspiration *** quiet coloration soothes my soul lavender, orchid, wild indigo lilac inspires my cyclamen dreams moonflower comforts my soulful sweet pea honesty sings wisteria perfumes anemone rouses my slumbering blooms *** *** I created this when someone asked me to write a poem about my favorite color and explain why it’s my […]

Poem: Lazy Day *** what is my favorite way to spend a lazy day? could it be to lie in fields of green where cheerful daisies sway with a beloved book by Austen and hum of bumble bees as skin soaks golden rays of sun while sultry breezes tease? . what is my favorite way […]