Listen to Ivy read Passageway   the path was long it wound around felt some way lost some way from found despair betossed on dangerous ground appeared to be alone   upon the path weary i grew proceeded not as winter blew winds were colder  struck me blind as splinters stabbed inside my mind  amid […]

Listen to Ivy read Denial   I used to fly but my wing just broke. My spirit is laden with tears. Neither age nor injury did this to me. The foe lurks inside of me hidden.   I go to the wise ones. I go to a priest. They poke and they prompt and he […]

Listen to Ivy read Free   I stand alone and naked on the roadside while strangers rush by in cars blinded by busy lives and little time. I wait for you to come. Alone is taunting me. She wants me to spend my tears on your sometime sensibility, which isn’t worth a sad cent. I […]

Millions of unspoken things clung to her lungs, begging for release, but she held her breath to silence them. As she lay in the thick air of a 3 AM bedroom, the tacky black in control of her chest prevented her from breathing with ease—prevented sleep—while millions of unspoken things wormed through her head…under her […]