Listen to Ivy read Pure   nocturnal blooms scent my soul rich and red well into tears by our honesty fed alive in a place unaware of my head wisdom to know not a puppeteer’s thread does a heart hold resisting celestial tide release dismal currents of ways gone awry neither of mind nor of […]

Poem: Until *** Love me like October linger like an evening chill dancing among morning rays until I’m warm and shining like summer’s star until autumn breezes blow us to a destination of secrets . Love me brave and beautiful endure like the first snowdrop peeking through winter’s blanket until I trust yesterday’s sorrows nurture […]

Poem: Regret *** Your deathday amplifies emotions vile. Forgiveness evades my heart bleeding in wait As I tremble beside your grave awhile. . Broken wings whisper of yesterday trials. Regret thrives, sorrowful ideas to sate. Your deathday amplifies emotions vile. . Unjustified misstep of blood defiled. Erase protective errors—our fear-fed hate— As I tremble beside […]

Poem: You and I *** cosmic intention you and I as giving as a tearful sky on moonflower blooms in meadows vast our present tied to ribbons past when your eyes close I see for two intuition knows where skies are blue so take my hand my destined friend and walk our path as it rises and bends *** […]

Poem: The Call *** Summer breeze and roses fading, autumn chill my heart pervading When the call to see your fading light punctures my hopeful soul—    To your doorstep long untrodden, footfalls ne’er to be forgotten Carry me to see your fading light before you breathe no more.   Curse my mind for loving vainly; in […]

Poem: The Space Between *** I miss you in the space between my heartbeats fed by yesterday’s love My hopes of you take flight in dreams as lonely as a crimson dove . Awaken not a sleeping wish as honesty swims in eventide A long-known soul, a timeline miss a promise bled where chances bide […]